Firmware/timing for CR4 needed...


Junior Member
Apr 16, 2019

Through no fault but my own, I stupidly flashed the RGX/DGX timing files to my CR4 and of course now it is bricked.

It's currently still installed using the original wiring diagrams, but in an attempt to repair the chip I need someone to hand over the timing/XSVF that can be ripped using J-Runner.
It currently just sits with the green glitch/debug light permanently on...

Please, help me!

All I need is for someone with a working CR4 to hook it to a J-R Programmer, and use the "Advanced Tools" in J-Runner to read the timing from the chip, I believe this should fix mine.

I will paypal someone a beer if they can help me. As a good will gesture being it's still the festive season and all!