First time RGH help... accidentally messed up a resistor


Noob Account
Apr 2, 2019
I was working on my RGH a few days ago and noticed I twisted a resistor. It is the resistor above that the F point that connects to on the Matrix V1 (see pictures). My xbox still seems to turn on with it bent. The green light flashes on the front led board flash when I click the button. However, I'm getting a blackscreen on boot but I think that is because I programmed my Matrix incorrectly. (Waiting on a new JR Programmer to play around with that issue.)

How do I go about fixing this, and should I even bother if my xbox still turns on? I figured I would just have to heat up the end that is twisted and use tweezers or something to turn it back. I also saw someone on youtube or something use one of the resistors from a breadboard to fix an issue like this.


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