Flashed failed!!! DVD drive is broken


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Aug 5, 2019
I tried to flash my Xbox 360 dvd drive but it failed. I used the Xbox as a power supply and plugged the Sata cable to my computer. When I turned on my console sparks came out the dvd drive pcb. I also failed to extract the dvd key as well.

I’m now having an error where I cannot update the console. I suppose the error is from the dvd drive somehow. I tried updating it via a usb drive and it still doesn’t work.

My only option is to buy a new pcb for the dvd drive and replace it but I heard that it won’t work as the dvd is connected to the Xbox.

I just want a way to fix the Xbox so I can update the system and connect to Xbox live as now i use the system for Netflix which doesn’t work unless I update the console.