Flashing 93450c DVD Drive Xbox 360


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Oct 18, 2010
Hey everyone,
I really need some help. I have tried to flash my Xbox 360, but I’ve had such bad results that I just want to stop and put my DVD drive back in my Xbox and play… but I can’t. I have already cut traces on the PCB of my 93450c Lite-On DVD drive and am now stuck. I have used a “Circuit Works Nickel Conductive Pen” to try and repair the traces, but when I put the DVD drive back in my Xbox, I just get the 3 RROD. I just got my Xbox a couple months ago and have never successfully flashed before, and now I feel like a total idiot. I bought this pen, a 12V AC to molex power converter, a LT clip, a LT Switch v2, a connectivity kit (Xecuter CK3 Lite), and so many other things, all totaling up to about $100.00. It feels like such a waste and I can’t even get the connectivity kit to work! Maybe I need a 5V power converter instead? I don’t know… All I want to know is how to repair the PCB traces on my DVD drive circuit board properly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. With Black Ops coming out soon, I need to get this fixed in like a week or I’m screwed.