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Dec 2, 2010
Hi everyone.

Recently we have seen an increase in traffic to the TX support forums. This is great as we love to have a strong community of users to have a place to come for assistance when help is needed with Team Xecuter products.

However, this recent surge in new users has brought in some folks that thought it was okay to disrespect other users and have spent their time here spreading negativity, personally attacking other users, and in general being rude and discourteous.

We have been receiving private messages and multiple posts have been flagged and reported with abusive remarks. I believe we have gotten most of that under control.

This post is just to clarify that we take this type of behavior very seriously here. There is no toleration of personal attacks. This is supposed to be a place for people to come chat, be friendly, and help one another.

We just ask that the members of the forums treat each other with respect. Please remember we were all new to this stuff once and we all needed help learning how to do things.

If someone posts something you disagree with, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RESPOND!

If you can't say something nice, then please don't say anything at all.

Also, please read of the Forum Rules -> CLICK HERE


Now for a bit of information about SX OS

As most of you have been wondering lately about the next SX OS update, there is still no ETA. I can tell you though, that it's getting close. Please remember our CFW contains features other products do not have, thus it may take longer to get everything working correctly and proper testing has to take place before a release can happen. If an issue is found in testing, then we have to go back and make changes, then enter the test phase again. We can not give release dates ahead of time because sometimes unexpected issues are placed in the way that need to be resolved.

Thanks everyone for your patience recently. We know how badly everyone wants this update. It will come when it is ready.

Thank you


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Dec 1, 2018
Sounds good, I've never had SX OS but I plan to buy it when you guys update :) Thank you so much for your efforts.


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Nov 22, 2018
I'm back from bad language ban and wanna apologise to all especially Game Over. I did not mean to make a ass out of myself but in a way I did.

It's all about passion and sometimes passion makes one loose his mind a bit ;-)
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