Fun times ahead for Xbox One


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Mar 25, 2005
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Just before E3 2019 last week, something amazing occurred in the Xbox One scene finally!

During E3 2019, Microsoft announced a new Xbox console is coming, and around the same time, underground scene developers also leaked out anonymous they have a new exploit that allows end-users to gain access to the normally protected SystemOS area of the current Xbox One consoles, this is basically an more advanced version of what was release last year that gained previously win32 code execution in UWP devmode, with this new update to original exploit, now you can break out of UWP sandbox and gain proper access to 'SystemOS' on the Xbox One console.

Enjoy having fun! :)

NEWS SOURCE #1: Fun times ahead for Xbox One (via) MaxConsole
NEWS SOURCE #2: @XB1_HexDecimal (via) Twitter

EDIT: updated post with second news source, fixed the maxconsole link, and added the files that were released.


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