LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM FW: 1071 Flashing


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Dec 18, 2011
Please help. I have a slim 16D4S, winbond, FW:1071 drive, but im having trouble dumping the key, i got Slimkey failed error every time i tried to dump it. (I was using the SATA PCI Controller Card VIA6421 to connect to my drive)

can somone please send me a step by step guide on how to dump a slim key?

one more question, do i need to update my dashbord to the newest Dec. 6 update before i attempt the flashing?(Im doing the Kamikaze method)

Also, i just bought X360 USB pro, ck3i, Maximus Kamikaze Kit. am i all set for the flashing, or is there anything else i need?

Sorry for asking too many questions, im new to xbox 360.

thanks in advance.
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Oct 9, 2011
Update to 14699 dash.

Use the jungle flasher tutorial, or use the guides already provided in the forum.

Dump your key using the X360.

Your all set, just take your time drilling into the chip.