Game requiring update (not system)


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Nov 30, 2018
I'm going to admit that I feel foolish asking this question because I feel like I should be able to find the answer. However, all of my Internet searches (and forum) turn up answers for people who are being nagged with a system update.

I'm on sxos 2.5.3 and using an emunand. Games install just fine with SX Installer grabbing the games from sxserver. However, on certain games, I start the game and I'm told an update is available for the game. However, I'm not given the option to start the game. I only get download update or cancel. So I source the latest update available online and install. I get the same message. I've tried this with Pinball FX3 (update 327680) and Donkey Kong Kountry Tropical Freeze. My system nand and emunand match at 6.2.

What do you do about this?