(Guide) How To Update SX OS


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Sep 9, 2018
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There are two different ways you can update your SX OS version on your Nintendo Switch. Please read through both and figure out which option is best for you.

Option 1 (Manual Approach):

  1. Obtain the version of SX OS you wish to update to from either of the following sources:
    1. Download section on sx.xecuter.com (Current Version) : Download
    2. SX OS Repository (All Versions): Download
  2. Once downloaded, extract the SXOS_v#.zip file.
  3. Copy the boot.dat file from the extracted folder and replace the old boot.dat file located on your microSD card.
  4. Boot up your switch into the SX OS Custom Firmware and you are all done. Enjoy!

Option 2 (Automated Approach):

  1. Boot into the SX OS custom firmware.
  2. Make sure WiFi is on and connected to your network.
  3. Open the "Album App" from the main screen.
  4. Navigate to the Options tab and select Update SX OS.
  5. SX OS will search for an update.
  6. You will be notified if an update is available. Press the A button to update to the version displayed on your screen.
  7. SX OS will start downloading the updated SX OS version from the previous step.
  8. When finished you will be prompted to reboot your switch for the update to take effect.
  9. Once you boot back into the SX OS custom firmware, you will be on the latest version.


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Sep 22, 2019
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Sorry to ask but I'm new with SX OS and I'm waiting for the 9.0.0 update for it... is this all I have to do to update SX OS? Is pretty simple but I'm asking because I'm curious, the Switch firmware will not be updated to 9.0.0, only SX OS right? will it work? I'm scared to kill my Switch...


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Sep 28, 2019
@Stallion : I've updated sx os by replacing boot.dat and my switch system version is still 8.0.1

update the switch OS is a bit more complicated : https://team-xecuter.com/community/threads/how-to-update-firmware-offline-nintendo-switch-with-choidujournx.128170/

in other words, to update firmware offline :
1- ensure you have most recent version of SX OS, by getting the latest boot.dat from https://sx.xecuter.com and copying it on your sd card
2- get and install choidujournx from https://switchtools.sshnuke.net/
3- get latest supported firmware from : https://darthsternie.net/index.php/switch-firmwares/
4- use choidujournx to install firmware

** Warning : I tested it and it does not work. For some reason, at step 4, it just hangs on 1/6 "Testing for BIS protection...".
Other users have reported same issue and some have found workarounds : https://gbatemp.net/threads/tx-presents-sx-os-v2-9-beta-with-full-v9-0-firmware-support.549051/
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Jun 14, 2018
I have tried to use the auto updater. It says to reset switch. When i select reset the screen is black. I use autorcm. I connected to my mobile using sx tools and still did not work. I manually added the boot file then it worked