has anyone come up with some good scripts yet


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Oct 28, 2004
i've been looking into the XICS scripting feature and i was wondering if anyone has come up with any good cripts yet. it would appear that either my USB stick isn't compatible or i haven't got the script right yet.

I write one with note pad with the instruction not # at the beginning of the line but when the Xbox fires up into X3 config live the light on the USB drive flashes as if it has got power but nothing happens. if anyone has got any suggestions they'd help alot.

Cheers people. :D :eek: :D


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Oct 23, 2003
Good luck...I've got the same problem...and help does

Good luck...I've got the same problem...and help does not appear to be arriving...I've posted a few posts in reguards to some more info on this scripting language, and I've not gotten a single reply...it seems not too many are really interested in this feature, or those who do have it down to a science are not sharing with the rest of us...or we're just looking in all the wrong places..but I personally have searched the forums here, and many other sites, as well as googled my brains out...I am unable to find much info on it actually making a script run..If you figure it out..post, I'll do the same...Good luck...Happy modding


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Nov 18, 2006
Message me if you're still interested in scripting :)