RGH Having problems, can you splice the wires and re-attach them? yeah, i'm a noob


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May 26, 2012
Algonquin, Illinois
I know basic soldering skills. They're all right, and in place. Although I managed to pull the D pad off of my Coolrunner Rev. C, but I scraped the fiberglass and found the exposed wire, and re-attached the wire. My Coolrunner is completely programed, I have soldered everything correctly, followed every diagram (RGH1). and what not. My Coolrunner still doesn't read my Nand on J-Runner (I have a NAND-X RGH Edition). So i'm thinking maybe my big problem here is, a lot of my wires are cut and re-attached (but soldered and twisted correctly.) [[I had both Nand dumps read last night, I created the .ecc and when I was writing it, the J-Runner application closed unexpectedly..]] I don't know what to do anymore :/

So could it be the wires? Thanks!


Nov 30, 2011
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Think about it - how can you possibly expect any sort of helpful answer without posting pics of what you've done? That is first and foremost what you should be attending to.

In addition, the coolrunner doesn't read your nand, your nand-x does, the coolrunner has nothing to do with how your nand reads/writes, so we almost rule that out of the equation.

Nand reading problems are 99% always soldering issues. You know basic soldering and they're alright? Not if your lifting pads off the CR they're not, so I would wager that your wire install is the heart of the issue here.

Of course, posting pictures would remove any need for guesswork, and that's pretty much all you can hope for until you show your handywork, which I believe was in the rules you read when you signed up.
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Apr 14, 2012
as Ticallion you need pictures. No pictures = no help. We'll be happy to help with pictures.

Becarfeul when posting with out pics. You may anger a Mod and get you're thread closed..and thats no fun:frown: