Having some issues with NSP DLC and updates


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Jun 1, 2012
I recently updated my SXOS to 2.9.2 and updated my Firmware to 2.9.1 since the threads I have been reading said they were stable together. The threads also stated that was all I needed to play most newer games, DLC and updates such as Super Mario Maker 2, DLC for SSBU, etc.. Both installs went smoothly, only I could not get past the SXOS logo after the Firmware 2.9.1 update...just a black screen. I could boot into the main SXOS menu and even boot into OFW but not CFW. I kept researching and found some articles outside of this website that stated a few people had the same issue but resolved it by updating the SXOS to 2.9.4beta. I updated the SXOS again and their suggestion worked great except my MK11 would not dump from the cart. Other games dumped just fine except that one. Now after some formatting and copying my files back to the 256GB micro sd card using the same exFat system I had before I finally have the newer games working fine including MK11 to dump and work just fine. Turns out I had to get rid of all DLC and updates. When Iinstall the DLC or updates via nsp installed the games no longer work. The games tell me I need to update when I use the DLC and updates even though I already updated to SXOS and Firmware versions that are SUPPOSED to work with these games/DLC/Updates....... So now I am wondering.....why can I NOT get these NSP DLC and updates to work? It is all my son really wants for his upcoming birthday. Usually I limit his video games during school, but he has worked really hard this year. He is autistic but half his classes are regular mainstream classes. He is supposed to graduate Junior high to High school but because we are all locked up......he will miss out on graduation and his birthday. The least I could do is give him his DLC and Updates. Looking to update Just Dance 2017-2020 each with extra songs, update Super Smash Bros Ultimate with DLC characters, Pokemon Sword & Shield expansion Pass plus update, Luigi's Mansion Update, Super Mario Maker Update, and Ring Fit Update. PLEASE!!!! Anyone that can and is willing to help....Please help? Thank you in advance. Stay safe and be blessed.

Currently running SXOS 2.9.4 Beta with Firmware 2.9.1 on Nintendo Switch using 256GB Micro SD card but will be upgrading to 512GB SD Card once it comes in.
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