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May 31, 2012
Hi TX and all the members, glad to be here, seems to be a very rich community indeed! I've scoured the forums many, many times for all kinds of reasons, and only now bothered to register. I'm fairly new to the console modding scene, as most of my other skills are aimed towards web application security, system & application security, digital forensics, and things of that nature. I've just completed another year studying a BSc (Hons) Computer Systems Security degree, and since a lot of preliminary interested have been drummed into me religiously through uni, I've decided to take up a new venture to challenge myself further :). In relation to console 'hacking', over the past year I've put a lot of work into my own little project (nothing to boast about though!), and currently own 4 JTAG's (all Xenon, bar 1), a PS2 utilizing the memory card exploit to run games (I own) off the hard drive for fast load times etc, a letter-bombed Wii, and I did have a PS3 for a brief period, but that did nothing but annoy me, so that went the way of old yella. Im currently working with a Trinity 360 and the RGH, using Cygnos360v2 for the NAND SPI interface, and the CR :).

Any way, I'll close end this introduction before I go rambling on about the weather or some crap. So its great to be here, and I hope to meet you in the forums :)