[Help] Cat Quest V.1.0.1


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Nov 27, 2018
Can anybody use cheat for "Cat Quest"

First I use This

title >0a4d71a302961148

It's right Version for me.

[99999999 GP]
04100000 98fd2514 05F5E0FF
[9999999 EXP]
04100000 98fd2554 0098967F


This code show in game I tick and use it.

but it's not work.It's can't add GP to 9999999

then I use this code

Cat Quest 1.0.1
Category: Nintendo Switch/ALL Regions
Rating: 0.00 out of 5.00
Contributor: optantic

Publisher: PQube Limited
Title ID: 0100A2F006FBE000
Build ID: 0a4d71a302961148
# of Codes: 3

Download all the Cheat Codes listed below:

[99999999 GP]
580f0000 02e636c8
780f0000 00004b14
640f0000 00000000 05F5E0FF

[9999999 EXP for lv up more]
580f0000 02e636c8
780f0000 00004b54
640f0000 00000000 0098967F

[99999 EXP for lv up less]
580f0000 02e636c8
780f0000 00004b54
640f0000 00000000 0001869f


It's can't open code in game. There show error for use this cheat.

please help me.


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Feb 14, 2019

I have the same problem, all of those codes doesn't work for me
good version 1.01
but nothing happens
any idea?

i tried a .nsp version and a .xci version

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