help me fix RGH corona failure


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Aug 3, 2018
hi guys , as title says i attempted to RGH 2 mod my xbox 360 super slim E series corona 4gb v4/6 motherboard by the help of sd tool for reading and writhing the nand and ace360 glitch chip and also the post out fix adapter. i have done rgh1.2 on my phat 360 before so i'm not clueless about whole process but this is my first encounter with corona so i need your help, problem is after reading nand and writing ecc my console wont boot at all even the red led on glitch board stays solid like nothing is happening , keep in mind that i detach crystal leg from GND when i want to boot so that is not the case, and also i bridged those two smd pads which they hadn't any resistor on in order to read and write the nand , even now when i want to rewrite the nand backup i get so many problem the most is related to sd card reader depends on it , in best case i get the nand with a letter in j r programmer but windows also recognizes the nand as a thumb drive or a real sd card which has a bad format and it needs to be formatted in order to be used , but i ignore that and rewrite the backed up nand into corona as a retail nand but again it wont boot, can you help me at least turn it into a retail console? i have nand files on pc and this is the wiring of glitch chp attached as a file, any help would be appreciated


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