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Jun 14, 2014
Hi i was just wondering how you would flash a hitachi drive for slim. I am a big noob at this and dont know any terms sorry. But i hear you need a modified pcb to replace the one you have now and then flash that one? And i dont wannt rgh my xbox, because i need xbox live. do rgh even cost any money todo? I probably shouldent do it but i really need backups of my games. I would pay someone else todo it because the x360usb thing is way expensive. But do you need to send it back for a reflashing when an update comes out for ixtreme? I dont wanna get banned so i need to stay updated and everything. I saw about abgx and all that to stealth patch games and not get banned as easily. If someone could do it for me i would just send them my drive correct? Sorry for all the questions i just wanna get it right and not screw up my xbox. I do have those vertibraum discs(spelt it wrong)
-Thanks Brady
p.s. I have a trinity motherboard i think( says 12v1083A) and a hitachi drive by the dent in the disk tray.


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Jul 21, 2012
Harrogate, North Yorkshire , uk
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