Help on how to update games using .nsp files!!


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Aug 9, 2020
So ok, I want to update Deadly Premonition 2. This game has received three updates

v 1.01
v 1.02
v 1.03

My question is this. Most of you say that we only require the latest update, since it contains all the previous updates.
In the case of this game though the first update is around 50 mbs, the second around 500 mbs and the third around 320 mbs.
What gives?
So, for archival purposes, do I delete the previous updates amd keep the last one? Do I update the game using the most recent update, ignoring others? Does it contain all the other previously released updates? If so, why is the filesize so small compared to update 2?
Please advise.


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Jul 7, 2020
Always install the latest update version.
From one version to another, devs add some new functions, improve others, correct some bugs, and... remove some useless code.
Don't focus on the file size, the latest update is always the one to use.
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