Help Please! Is it possible to copy games stored on micro sd card and place them on external HD?


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May 7, 2019
I’m new to using XS OS so please bare with me !
I do know it’s possible to install games that are backed up on a external hard drive and install them on my custom firmware on my Switches micro sd card but is there a way to reverse the process and copy my games from my Switches micro sdcard back to my external hard drive to free up space on my micro sd card?
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Nov 26, 2007
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To clarify, you cannot actually install games on an external at the moment. If you are running XCI files you can store them on an external and use the mount function to play them while they are on the external. If you actually installed an XCI file to your SD card, you would need the actual XCI file again to just save on your external and run from there. You could then delete the installed version from your SD.

NSP files need to be installed, so they cannot be run from an external.