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Sep 15, 2010
I bought this for my kids like 3 years ago, it's has worked perfect till today when we went to play NHL.
What comes on the screen is: flash bios (cromwell 2.27 dev)
insert Cd - flashing mode

the cd tray is open, I close it the machine turns off?

Did him or one of his buddies touch the 3 "switches on the front"?

I have never played with these, but if someone can guide me in the right direction I would appreciate it.


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Aug 2, 2010
mmmmmm isn't that a discontinued product?


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May 13, 2010
Lol sure is bro found this in a vault

Dec 28 2003, 10:55 PM
flash bios (cromwell 2.27 dev)
insert Cd - flashing mode

1) Downloaded the 4979.67 bios (256kb)
2) Used XBtool to resize bios (from 256k to 1024k)
2.1) open xbtool
2.2) click on open (bottom left) and browse for the bios above (4979.67)
2.3) select 1024 radio button and click on save as...
2.4) file name should be bios.bin (all the same case)
3) used dummyfile.exe to create a 100mb dummy file
3.1) renamed the dummy file to data.dat


1) Used Nero 6 (demo version)
2) chose CD-ROM (ISO)
2.1) under multisession tab choose NO multisession
2.2) file name length: ISO level 1
2.3) format: mode 1
2.4) character set: ISO 9660
2.5) joliet: unticked
2.6) under burn tab choose finalise disk and x2 speed & disk at once
2.7) click new and add the bios u created along with the dummy file
2.8 ) burnt disc using a TDK 700mb CD-RW (with a max speed of x4 but only burnt at x2)

**flashing bios**

1) Switch on xbox with the enabled, unprotected and bank 1 external switces
2) if chip has been fitted correctly, the eject button should flash once on orange and then to green and automatically open the tray. This means the cromwell bios is working sweet.
3) Normally the cromwell screen should appear, but with the v1.5, this does not happen. Therefore i inserted the disc that was created earlier. If all goes well, the xbox should power down automatically (This happens after about 20-40 seconds). Simpy restart the box, the flubber logo will appear along with xecuter 2 underneath it.
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Sep 18, 2009
Ur_ momz
sounds like a xecuter 2.3lite pro. yes the switch has been set to bank 2. cromwell is for flashng a hack FW to allow homebrew..

(have had the same one sice before my son was born) hes 6 six now..