GENERAL Help... replacing a dead LiteOn with a Hitachi 78


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Feb 4, 2011
Hey guys,

This is a phat xbox. I have the key from the LiteOn, but that drive is dead now.

I have a Hitachi 78 drive that Id like to replace it with.

Ive been doing a lot of researching and before I go on with the swap Id like to make sure I got it right..

The xbox is going to never be online, so ban is not an issue, I just need it to be able to read all the games.

So from what I gather its as simple as:

1) Dump key from Liteon (Already Done)
2) Flash Hitachi 78 with LT+ 3.0 using the Liteon key
3) Put it back together...


Is that all it takes?

Side question - How do I go about getting the drive into Mode B? I no longer have the xbox that is came from (so I cant eject it to half open tray).


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Dec 29, 2012
you can do exaclty what you just said. to get the drive on mode b check the jungleflasher guide to do that

i replace my hitachi 59 with a benq without spoofing just did was flash benq with benq lt3.0 and the key from the hitachi 59 and works perfectly i never use xbox live and i never will so if you don't use xbox live at all you can do that.