Help with modding a original xBox

master Race

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Sep 20, 2017
Right guys need some technical support I hope I'm in the right place doing the right thing. I was given an xbox 'Original' which has a Mod chip installed I want to install emulators and such onto it however whenever I put a CDR or DVD-RW in the drive it says the xBox doesn't take that Disk 'Wont recognize it' I have a feeling the mod wasn't finished because when I turn it on I get the original xBox dashboard no Evo style or unleashed so on noticing this I got a burnt copy of Slayers Evox 2.7 as I was told by the person this is what it needed but I get that disk error, so my thoughts are the BIOS isn't flashed, to fix this I flipped the switch to Chip enabled and power on what I get is a Blue screen with some options like:

So what i'm doing is putting my version of Slayers Evo X 2.7 going to 'FLASH BIOS FROM DISC' it opens the drive I put it in and close after a while it just opens the drive again as if it's not accepted the disk, so I burnt the same copy to a DVD-RW what that does is it finds the disk but says 'no bios found....halting'
I don't know what to do my dashboard is stock xBox I can see that so i think the mod chip is just installed but nothing else not flashed with a BIOS but I don't know I may be doing something wrong I will describe my chip: it has 3 main switches and a LLED switch: chip enabled on/off,Flash Protection on/off Bank 1/2 then a LED on/off, I took the system to pieces and it says on the chip and it says X2.6. As I said I got the system off someone and they just said it was modded I don't know if the Bios is complete it has stock xBox dashboard on it and i cant flash with disks i've tried both banks too and the protection switch on or off, some advice please avideo or step by step??

IMG_20170920_2215389[1].jpg IMG_20170920_2150199[1].jpg

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