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Jul 10, 2010
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Hello all,

I have been out of the scene for a few years now. I've decided to get back into it and update myself, and my god has the scene vastly progressed.

I actually randomly popped by 360iso and had a little read on their forums a few weeks back and I see there's a little bit of hate between their members and the TX forums, especially Ubergeek, which by the looks of it seems massively devoted to the scene, and the tutorials on this site are unreal. I don't actually use sites such as 360iso to be honest, and I won't do so in the future. Why would you need anything more than Xbox-Scene & TX?

I'm about to go ahead and order the TX X360USB PRO V2 & TX Xbox 360 Unlock Kit v3 (hopefully there will be a tutorial to open the 360 slim with this kit soon).

Again, the tutorials and the site as a whole is second to none!

See ya'll around.

(Join Date: Jul 2010) - Woop! I even joined a couple of years or so back.
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May 10, 2012
Yeahh..the scene ?:smile:

Support it and you won`t be disappointed.:smile: