HITACHI 79 hitachi 79 flashed drive not opening now.


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Dec 14, 2011
OK i don't know if i am posting in the right forum, but if not admin please move me to the right spot. OK this is long i had bought a pre flashed Xbox 360 from some one and it worked i was a little weary about updating to 13604 for my son kinect will work so i was going to attempt to flash back to stock and update dashboard . then reflash i have a x360usb pro the jungle flasher one the ck3i pro. did all to set up and updated drivers and firmware as needed i attempted to put in mode b to use 79 unlock disk it said mode b done and thats where everything gets crazy. my fw says 59 in jungle flasher everything reads but now i cant open drive and jungle flasher and it continues to day command aborted by drive did i completely screw up my drive or what.or how do i fix this issue please help. i am so frustrated:mad2: