How can I install games from leftover files on my SD Card?

Michael Shaw Jr

Junior Member
Sep 13, 2019
Massachusetts United States
Long story short, I have a new emunand I made, and then I added all files from my old emunand back on the SD card, so they are on the SD card but the games won't show up on the main screen or anything. Is there anyway to re-install them from those files? Or anyway to make them showup? I don't have all the .nsp files unfortunatly, and I really don't want to have to re-download all those games if I can help it. I have the old emunand backed up, so I could go back to using it again temporarily if I need to backup files or something, but I don't want to use the old emunand as a permanent solutuon because it doesn't have the same account on it and I want to use the same account on both emunand and sysnand, and because my controllers are synced to my emunand and sysnand, but on my old emunand I had to switch them back and forth. I could also make a new emunand if I needed to if there is a way to add the games in that way somehow? I'm not sure.

Thanks in advanced!