How do I make a new emunand without loosing games?

Michael Shaw Jr

Noob Account
Sep 13, 2019
Massachusetts United States
I recently created a new Emunand becuase I wanted all my controllers to automaticlly connect on both Sysnand and Emunand. I lost all of my installed games even though I backed up the SD card files before I formatted it and put the files on the new emunand. I literally spent all day yesterday re-installing all my games. I made sure all controllers were synced to sysnand before creating emunand. I then connected my joycons to old emunand one last time to backup all of my saves. I connected the joycons in handheld mode so they would not sync back to the old emunand, but I was wrong and now they won't connect to Sysnand or new emunand unless I re-sync them on both, which means I would have to re-sync them everytime I switch from sysnand to emunand.
So basically, I want to create another emunand, but this time I don't want to lose all of my installed .nsp. Is there a way to do this? Last time my Sysnand and Emunand had different accounts on them, could that be why they didn't transfer? (Sysnand had my OG legit account, and emunand was a fake online account from Kefir Updater.) Now both sysnand and emunand both have the legit online account on them, but the emunand is blocked from Nintendo servers using 90DNS, Incognito, and Stealth Mode if I am using SX OS.
Also, is there another way to sync controllers to both sysnand and emunand that is alot easier?
Thanks in advance!