How is CK3 Lite powered?


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Sep 5, 2011
Hi, I decided to use the product Xbox360 PRO as of yesterday and began reading everything about the process ahead of me. I have an xbox slim, about 6 months old, and I bought the following:

Xecuter X360USB Pro 360 USB Pro *with case*
External Molex PSU (Powers CK3 Pro or Lite): Yes
CK3 Probe3 Addon: Yes
Drive Power Addon: CK3 Lite Xbox 360
Opening Tools: Slim 360

I am using a laptop.

My question is this: how is the CK3 Lite powered? It powers the drive, but where does it get its power from? I'm just wondering if it takes power from a computer's PSU, or if I can plug it into the wall. I don't own a desktop computer, only a laptop, and I'm in South Korea, so I don't have anyone around who can lend me time with their desktop. Also, do I need anything else besides what I bought?

Thanks for your answer.
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Nov 1, 2010
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possibly a tx unlocked pcb or if the the chip is mxic a sputnik or if your unlucky and a winbond then kamikazee method (not recommended) to unlock drive's spi.


Jan 18, 2011
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looks like you got it all covered what u need mush

USBPro = a must have for slims
External Molex PSU = only needed if useing a laptop
CK3 Probe3 = only needed for phat liteon drives
CK3 Lite = to connect and power a drive a must have
Opening Tools = not really needed


if you got winbond then the only way is a tx unlocked pcb or the kamikazee hack.

if you got mxic then you need a sputnik switch or a sputnuk probe
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Sep 2, 2011
you have to open up the case and connect the dvd drive to ur pc or take the dvd drive apart and look at the bottom numbers on the chip. if it starts with 03 its MXIC and 05 for winbond.

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