How To Install The Extreme Repair Kit

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Feb 24, 2003
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First you need to disassemble your Xbox 360 and remove the motherboard - Click here for instructions.

We also recommend you use Arciclean Thermal Grease Cleaner when removing all the old, nasty, burned in thermal grease from the GPU and CPU and heatsinks. This stuff is awesome and is made by the famous Arctic Silver. You can get a full 60ml kit for only $9.99 and you can do lots of Xbox's with this amount.

We've used it and its simple to use and works very fast and polishes up the parts nicely for the optimum RROD repair.

There are a lot of high quality images so please be patient while they load.....


Carefully put the motherboard back into the Xbox chassis. Use the Torx 10 screws to firmly connect the motherboard (The Torx 8 X-Clamp screws are no longer needed). Connect the front power pcb, the fan and the DVD ROM (Don't connect the rest of the case together yet).

Now for the all important baking trick. Connect the Xbox Power supply and AV lead. Make sure the FAN power cable is UNPLUGGED at this stage. Now boot the console and leave it powered on until you get 2 red lights [see pic below]. As soon as this has happened power off the Xbox and connect the fan power cable to the motherboard. Leave it for 5 minutes and then power back up. If all went well your Xbox should now be repaired and you will get the magic green lights and dashboard !

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