How to know the required firmware for a game?


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Apr 1, 2019
Hi, is there a tool or method to know the required firmware for a game before trasfering it to mi sd card?, im on OFW 6.2.0, dont use emunand (dont play online or use internet) and i dont have intentionts to upgrade if not necessary, so how do i know if a game need for example 7.0.1 firmware? i will say try and error but if any practical method exist it will be apreciated before adquiring new games


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Nov 26, 2007
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You can try xciexplorer, but to be honest since you are already on 6.2 there is no reason not to update. If you are worried about downgrading, just make a nand backup and then use ChoijudourNX to update to 7.0.1. Make another nand back up after updating. This way you do not burn your fuses (as long as you always boot with your dongle) and you can go back to 6.2 if for some reason you need to.

I don't recommend downgrading unless you actually have an issue, but just letting you know your options.

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