JUNGLE FLASHER How to know which I/O port?


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Aug 3, 2012
Well, i have a bricked liteon 74850c. I want to flash it with lt+3.0 BUT!

Recently i added 2 HDDs, one bluray drive, replaced the main HDD and the motherboard... So, jungleflash can identify my 3 HDDs, and the liteon drive not, it's bricked and even dosflash can't see it.

The problem is, how can i know in which i/o port is connected my drive? I know the I/o ports of my HDDs, i disconnected all others dvd and bluray drives to avoid conficlts. But i can't stay just sending erase commands to all i/o ports blindly...

Windows is unable to give me the information, i just want to know if there's an application or a way to know where is connected a bricked drive so i can focus on that instead of staying hours testing each one.

BTW, when i send the erase command i always get status 0x7f, so i don't know how to identify which is the correct.


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Apr 16, 2012
you will help your self if you choose to do it wiat Jungelflasher..

start at the first I/O port make a intro, if you get the drive information then thats the right I/O port.. if not try the next, to you get your drive information in the program.. when you have the right I/O port why not just do the rest in jugelflasher?..

(sounds like you are doing it in dos)