How to recover erased serial number!!!


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Mar 31, 2020
Dhaka, Bangladesh
I purchased a used jailbroken switch from my local craigslist. The original owner was using sx os and emmunand. Afte bringing it over to my home, I foramtted the microsd card. There was a hidden partition of emunand on the msd card. I earsed that with windows diskpart. I factory resetted the switch and as it was at ofw 5.2, i tried to update it. It was failing to connect to nintendo servers. Later, I realized that there is no serial number on the system menu of the setting. The serial number portion is blank. Upon my brief research, all i could gather that the original owner was using incognito mode or the equivalent of that for sx os user. I conacted the original owner if he still had the emunand back up, which he doesnt. And I myself deleted the emunand partition. Is there any way i can recover the online functionality so that I can use the switch as a regular switch if i ever wish to.

Please, note that I have the sysnand back up.

Thank you for the long read.

To be clear, i backed up the nand after I puchased it form the pervious owner
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Mar 30, 2020
I would restore the nand with hekate 1st and foremost.
Is there a serial number on the switch and/or box? If so, I would then install sxos, I would also install sx installer or tinfoil. (cant remember which one has cognito built in) and enter the serial number and save it.
I am away from my switch at the moment or could be more clear on the directions.


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Jul 10, 2020
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I am also having a similar problem although it was due to a mistake I made where I accidentally put the incognito RCM onto my sysNAND. I am actually not sure if I have a backup and I've been searching across the internet for days looking for a fix, so if someone can help me recover my serial number so I can hop back into Nintendo servers i'd greatly appreciate it!

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Sep 13, 2019
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Does the sysnand backup have a serial number? If not the only thing you could try is entering the serial number manually with Tinfoil. Then backup the prodinfo.bin, restore the nand backup to remove traces of Tinfoil, and restore the prodinfo.bin. The console May be permanently stuck Offline though because I know before tinfoil had incognito Built-in if you lost your prodinfo.bin There was no way to recover it. I believe the newest tinfoil gives you the option to manually enter the serial number and hopefully that will be able to save you but I'm not sure if the prod info has more information deleted than just the serial number. It's worth a try. If you don't plan on connecting to nintendo servers with custom firmware at all, You could get a new version 2 switch for your legit games on nintendo servers and keep your current switch for all off wine custom firmware needs. I know it's cheaper to have one switch with an offline Emunand and a clean Sysnand, But having 2 different switches Is safer and is way more convenient at the end of the day, and It's nice to be able to play local multiplayer between the switches when you have a friend over