How to recover erased serial number!!!


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Mar 31, 2020
Dhaka, Bangladesh
I purchased a used jailbroken switch from my local craigslist. The original owner was using sx os and emmunand. Afte bringing it over to my home, I foramtted the microsd card. There was a hidden partition of emunand on the msd card. I earsed that with windows diskpart. I factory resetted the switch and as it was at ofw 5.2, i tried to update it. It was failing to connect to nintendo servers. Later, I realized that there is no serial number on the system menu of the setting. The serial number portion is blank. Upon my brief research, all i could gather that the original owner was using incognito mode or the equivalent of that for sx os user. I conacted the original owner if he still had the emunand back up, which he doesnt. And I myself deleted the emunand partition. Is there any way i can recover the online functionality so that I can use the switch as a regular switch if i ever wish to.

Please, note that I have the sysnand back up.

Thank you for the long read.

To be clear, i backed up the nand after I puchased it form the pervious owner
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Mar 30, 2020
I would restore the nand with hekate 1st and foremost.
Is there a serial number on the switch and/or box? If so, I would then install sxos, I would also install sx installer or tinfoil. (cant remember which one has cognito built in) and enter the serial number and save it.
I am away from my switch at the moment or could be more clear on the directions.
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Jul 10, 2020
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I am also having a similar problem although it was due to a mistake I made where I accidentally put the incognito RCM onto my sysNAND. I am actually not sure if I have a backup and I've been searching across the internet for days looking for a fix, so if someone can help me recover my serial number so I can hop back into Nintendo servers i'd greatly appreciate it!