How to redownload eShop games


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Dec 3, 2019
So my question is really as simple as the title, I succesfully jailbroke my switch, got an EmuNAND and NAND backup saved on my computer, and installed home-brew on my switch. I used SX OS Pro to do all of this but I was a complete noob at all of this and hacked my switch on a completely new sd card which didn't have any of my games and the old sd card that had all of my games, which were bought legally through the Nintendo eShop was lost because I formatted it to fat32 to jailbreak my switch. So now I have a successfully jailbroken switch with no games, I also haven't installed any pirated games or emulators or anything other than the homebrew App Store and a legend of Zelda theme. So How do I download all of my eShop games? Do I exit out of stealth mode and do it normally on my new SD card or will I get banned?