How to repair Probe v2 cuts using Glue.

Applying glue to repair Probe v2 cuts.

Ok seeing as most of you will be using glue here is a very simple tut for applying the glue to the pads you cut away.

Please note:
I don't have any glue so i used nail varnish instead just to show how much glue to apply!

Please do not use nail varnish it is not conductive and will not work in any way!
If you feel the need to use nail varnish then please ensure you use a colour that suits your skin tone.


If you short Either
Yellow line (1.8volts +)
Red line (3.0volts +)
to any green part (0volts GND)
you can kiss your drive goodbye!

This also goes for shorting red to yellow!



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May 26, 2010
Love it! I followed your instructions and now my nails are a lovely colour :)

in all seriousness though, great vid :)


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Jan 20, 2010
another amazing vid. i know you wear that nail varnish when we play mw2 lol. pink suits you mate lol.

spot on again though tj, this is what weve been telling people for a long time now.


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Jul 5, 2009
Republic of Ireland

with regards to pad 122, you put a spot of glue along the cut line, or inbetween the conductive lines in you like, the spot of glue appears to be extending from one line to the other and 'joining' them. Im confused. What did you mean at the end by making sure no bridge is created between the lines?

yes im a noob and mentally slow :) i would greatly appreciate an explanation in which a monkey like myself can understand :)

cause i hope to be cutting traces on my liteon and repairing with the conductive glue from modtraders.


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Nov 11, 2016
For probe issues, if you glue. It may not work always. So it's better if you have chance, you replace it or repair from a renowned shop.
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