How to restore a nand dump and try to bring back a switch for legit use


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Dec 26, 2018
So this question has been bothering me for a while: I have a first gen nintendo switch that I bought, used sxos to backup sysnand (I dont remember which version came with the switch) updated said switch using choidujurnx (no fuse burn) to version 7.0.1 installed two xci dumps to test, and then I stored it and saved it for future use. it has NEVER connected to the internet.

Now the time has come to use it but I want to use it as a legit switch.
My question basically is:

-Can I use SXOS to restore a sysnand backup and "downgrade" the switch?
- Is it as easy as hitting the restore button on SXOS?
if it is as easy as that, should I use the SXOS version that I have installed on my switch or should I use the latest? (I dont have the switch with me but it has to be a version from last year around april from 2019)

My action plan is to restore sysnand and then just to be safe use haku33 to wipe the switch, and then do a factory reset, and THEN try to connect to the internet.

Any Ideas, tips or tricks someone could share in doing this?
My logic on why I want to downgrade is the "fuse match" when this switch eventually connects to the internet. It will have more fuses than the ones needed for version 7.0.1 hence the reason I want to downgrade.
Or should I just use haku33, wipe version 7.0.1 and then connect to the internet?


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Jul 7, 2010
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If you dumped the sysNAND early on and no homebrew / CFW ever went on sysNAND, you should be able to restore the clean NAND image, boot in to OFW, update and it should work fine.