I broke my EmuNAND...but that's ok! (still need some help)


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Nov 2, 2019
Let me begin by stating I am a dumb @$$. I haven’t touched my hacked Switch in a while and I had forgotten some of the ‘rules’.

My setup is SX OS v2.9.2 with an EmuNAND CFW.

I went to test out a game and it required an update. I can’t recall what version the CFW OS was previously, but I was updating to 9.0.1. Here is the where I went wrong. I did the update via the CFW Switch OS. Now when it boots it says:
Error Code: 2168-0002
Oops! Something went wrong.
Your switch ran into a problem and needs to be restart.
To restart SX OS press the power button.

(p.s. that bad grammar is not mine, that’s really what it says).

If I disable EmuNAND it will boot into the original CFW (? Not sure what to call this), as well as the official Switch OS FW. So it’s just the EmuNAND CFW that is broken.

I’ve been reading that there really doesn’t need to be an EmuNAND. Sounds like it’s more of a nice to have then a need to have. Let me know if my logic is wrong here!

That said, a few quick questions:

  1. What is the best way to remove the EmuNAND? Do I do it through the RCM Options -> EmuNAND screen?
    1. Are there other steps I need to do to unwind the EmuNAND and have it boot to the original CFW?
    2. Should I back up the SD card and format it and then put the files back to make it clean/fresh?
  2. What is the best way to update the CFW Switch OS?
    1. Do I do it through ChoiDujourNX or through the Switch Options -> Update?

Thanks in advance!


Wwwweeelll, now I really screwed myself up = \

I followed instructions the instructions below to update the original CFW to 9.0.1 so I can play said new game and now I get the same error message on it. Both original CFW and EmuNAND CFW are saying:
Error Code: 2168-0002

The official Switch FW is booting fine.

Clearly I'm not meant to have nice things :(
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