I formatted my xbox360 s hard drive and lost all of my homebrew software, please help...


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Feb 2, 2019
I am a noob in modding an xbox 360, i sent my xbox to a local store a long time ago to JTAG it, and it has worked fine. I left my xbox for a while coming back to it a few weeks ago, i realized that i had a parental controls password that i couldnt remember, and tried to reset the xbox hard drive, which resulted in the already installed by the store FSD3 and all the programs i didnt know about to get erased (i'm not sure but there is a probability that i also deleted the launch.ini file because i cant find it in anyway on my hard drive using every way of file management i know of on my xbox, more on that later)
After formatting the drive i realized that the parental controls weren't reset and my FSD3 is gone, so i started researching and i found out that i can reinstall FSD3 using xex-menu, which i did. After that i started realizing the capabilities of xex-menu and the emulators, i tried installing aurora using xex-menu and i started using emulators to play games. Today i tried to change my boot animation, when i realized that aurora doesnt automatically launch on boot, and that i cant find my launch.ini file using all of xex-menu, the dedicated file explorer in aurora and ftp, i also couldnt find dashlaunch, and god knows how many files were deleted too, i would like assistance and it would be very helpful if someone could provide a direct form of communication to follow up,
Thank you in advance.

P.S. the store that modded my xbox
P.P.S. im not sure what mod chip is in my xbox

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