ANSWERED I Just RTAG'd My Jasper, Now What?


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Nov 18, 2013
So, I just finished RJTAGing my Jasper 512MB, and I am wondering what my next action should be. I did this mod so I could play backups off an external hdd, play dlc, install a big hard drive, play emulators, and for the challenge (which was the best part :wink:). What I am wondering is, now that I have the mod installed and my xbox is glitching correctly, what should my next actions be? What software do you guys suggest downloading and installing? what would your initial actions be? what benefits of JTAG do you suggest utilizing? Any and all suggestions would be appreciated, I literally have done nothing since I got the RJTAG to work. Thank you guys


May 11, 2012
you have many options
some of them are
xbox original games (ninja gaiden black yeaaah)
make as recommended by our friend scott1503
a look at realmodscene
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Dec 14, 2012
1 list of apps worth looking into:

1. Freestyle Dash
2. Xbox original hacked compatibility files
3. XEXMenu
4. RetroArch 360 - Which Covers most of your emulators
5. MAME 0.72 - Xbox 360 Arcade machine emulator
6. NXE2GOD - Not really needed, but some people swear by it. (Dashlaunch will patch most NXE games so you dont need this)
7. XM360 - Not really needed, but some people swear by it. (Dashlaunch will patch most DLC/ARCADE games so you dont need this), Have also heard storys of this not patching correctly and breaking Game/DLC.
8. Mupen64-360(Xell App, unfortunatly no one has made an app for this that doesnt run in xell)
9. XMplayer(Another xell app, but will play almost any video file/audio)
10. XMenu(Xell app for choosing other apps, Unfortunatly i have not found this precompiled.)

Any way there are 10 apps/Things to look into that make having a JTAG worth having.
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