I Like to hack things! My Switch and 3DS setup.


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Jul 26, 2020
Higher Than The Clouds
Hello everybody my name is Rainy and love to hack xbox's and to mod my switch and 3DS/DS my switch is running firmware sys firmware 10.1.0 Un-banned and has firmware 9.2.0 on my sxos emunand and firmware 5.0.1 on my atmosphere emunand (I ONLY USE ATMOSPHERE TO RUN APPLICATIONS THAT WILL NOT WORK ON SXOS, YES I KNOW ATMOSPHERE IS TRASH). I use a 1TB Sandisk micro sd card on my switch and a 256gb one on my new 3ds xl which also has an emunand. On my switch I use a 4TB Samsung SSD in an external housing for xci games at home and a 1TB PNY USB 3.0 Drive with a usbc on the go adapter which I mount to the back of my switch case with Velcro tape. Love my setup and hope you loved reading about it!!!