i need a dummy.bin


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Jan 12, 2011
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Xbox 360 Slim

I just bought an xk3y off the internet which cost over 100 bucks. i was looking up installation tutorials when i realized i needed a dummy.bin to use the xk3y. I don't have a x360usb pro or anything of the sort needed to dump my drive. i spent all my money on the xk3y and i dont have enough to get x360usb pro yet(its gonna be a while). I was wondering if someone could send me their dummy.bin (preferably from a drive similar to mine ;))

Thanks in advance


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Mar 6, 2010
u do now it has to be dummy from your own drive, no1 else's, hence this post bein useless


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Oct 3, 2011
:facepalm: It's calamiry after calamity in this post :facepalm:

Don't know how you found yourself here cause this is the Tx support forum not the xk3y support forum, so my best advise would be to google their support and ask how they propose you extract your drive key :rolleyes2:

Failing that buy a X360usb pro and use the guides plastered all over the tutorials section.

I think you somehow thought this xk3y was some kind of plug and play system when in fact the found yourself up the creek, without a paddle.
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