I need help


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Dec 16, 2010
Okay so awhile back i baught the blaster and i try to install the drivers on my comp they never work but anyway after awhile i just plugged the cd drive into my computer and tried flashing it and the drive says liteon on it but when i plugged it in it came up as a hatachi so i was like ok :facepalm: so i sent it into mode b and its stuck in mode b or something the damn xbox center light keeps flashing i need help you can contact me on here or aim at bmx2977 or skype at brandon demutis thanks.


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Jul 7, 2010
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From what I can gather, you have a Lite-On drive spoofed as a Hitachi?

Have you got the drive key? If not, you will need a PMT or Xecuter Probe 3 in order to retrieve it.

From there, you can use that drive key in a replacement Hitachi drive because spoofing is no longer supported and you will encounter problems.