HITACHI 79 I think this drive is fubered lol


Mar 16, 2011
Milton Keynes.UK
I was attempting to reflash back to stock the hitachi 79 version drive (using the free flash method in JF),i read the drive no problem after using the unlock cd but when i went to reflash the original stock dump,it wrote so far then JF just froze on me,i left it alone to see if it would carry on writing to the drive but after half an hour jf wasn't responding on my pc.So i had to restart my computer and restarted JF but now JF doesn't see this drive anymore,the tray wont open or nothing.Does the tsop chip need taken off and re-programmed or is there any other method i can recover this bricked drive ?
Thanks indeed fellas.

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Feb 6, 2011
Grand Rapids, MI
Let me know roughly how much the postage please,bud and i'll message you my address details and get yours from you.Thanks so much,BL4K3Y :)
If i were you, i'd ask blakey to kindly flash them with 3.0 and your key. Then give him a bit of a tip on top of the drives.

it seems that free flash isn't quite for you ;)