I tried to update my xbox 360 but need someone to check my write log whether it's ok to proceed.

James Labu

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May 15, 2019
Swizzy's xeBuild GUI version 2.098
Log Started: Wednesday 5/15/2019 8:53:01 AM

*** Some console information ***
ERROR: Unable to get CB version!ERROR: Unable to decrypt KV using specified CPUKey!
This means the log will NOT contain information from your keyvault, it can be caused by etheir badkey or badblock/corrupt keyvault
Using xell-reloaded for Glitch hack
Including dashlaunch... Done!
Including custom dashlaunch settings (launch.ini)... Done!
Copying nand to data directory, this may take a while... Done!
Checking if SMC is Glitch or Retail...
Dumping current SMC... Done!
Checking SMC...
SMC is Glitch patched! it will be used the way it is...

Parameters sent to xeBuild:

-noenter -t glitch2 -c corona4g -d data -f 17511 -b DD88AD0C9ED669E7B56794FB68563EFA -p 92EEF5C4FAD3111E560787921C715053 output.bin

Building nand using xeBuild (this may take a while):

xeBuild v1.18.800
base path changed to G:\Xebuild\files
---- { Image Build Mode } ----
building glitch2 image

done! fsroot found ok!
output.bin image built, info:
Kernel : 2.0.17511.0
Console : Corona
NAND size : 48MiB MMC (system only)
Build : Glitch (v2)
Xell : power on console with console eject button
Serial : 417523620705
ConsoleId : 248183326940
MoboSerial: 7501039200762495
Mfg Date : 12/10/2012
CPU Key : 92EEF5C4FAD3111E560787921C715053
1BL Key : DD88AD0C9ED669E7B56794FB68563EFA
DVD Key : 11111111111111111111111111111111
CF LDV : 1
KV type : type2 (hashed - unchecked, master key not available)
xeBuild Finished. Have a nice day.

Moving output to your destination directory... Done!
Cleaning data and temporary directories... Done!

****** The app has now finished! ******


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Mar 1, 2010
It'll be fine.
You can verify that Jr sees the keyvault data visually if it reassures you.
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