Invalid Password on X3, FlashBIOS 3.01 w XBox 1.6b, No Backup Flash (Both Banks 3249)


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Aug 30, 2017
Hi everyone,

This is posted here in desperation.

Two days ago, I pulled out my dusty Xbox 1.6b w/X3 and found that the X3 no longer accepted my password. I tested both 1MB banks and both prompted for a password (which does not accept my password/s). It appears I may have foolishly flashed both 1MB banks with 3249.

Attempting to start up the backup FlashBIOS (i.e. start w/white button and/or pressing all four ABXY buttons and/or press-and-hold both eject and power button) fails. Original dash boots just fine (i.e. without X3 enabled).

Current Results:
  • 1st 1MB bank (on, on, off, off, off): password protected
  • 2nd 1MB bank (off, on, off, off, off): password protected - but the entire screen is grey
  • any combination of white button and/or four ABXY buttons depressed on start-up (no change - boots one of either banks as above)
  • pressing eject+power button: X3 logo is purple, but blank screen/nothing on screen
  • attempting any other (partial) banks results in reboots

Various instructions say to "flash an X2 or EvoX BIOS to a 256K bank or X3_1959", then use the EEPROM eraser and/or X3_erase to do the job... e.g.: here by @Xecuter and here by @Martin C (although MegaUpload no longer exists). However, without the ability to get into some prompt to flash, I am stuck...

What am I missing here?


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Dec 3, 2016
V1.6b requires replacing/re-flashing the backup BIOS with FlashBIOS 3.0.3. The X3 probably came flashed with the backup BIOS of FlashbiOS 3.0.1 for 1.0-1.6, not 1.6b.

Sounds like the backup BIOS was not updated to 3.0.3 so now the wrong version boots with power/eject startup. You would need to reflash the backup BIOS using another non-v1.6b Xbox with FlashBIOS 3.0.3.

Can you try to FTP to your Xbox - X3 default IP address? But, this probably won't work until you enter the correct X3 BIOS password. :(

Suggestion: Don't add a password to the X3 BIOS!

Was that 3249 or 3294?

There are later X3 BIOS's with X3_3294 being the latest released - 2 versions: X3 3294 v16plus.bin for v1.6/1.6b and X3 3294.bin for v1.0-1.5 Xboxes. The X3 BIOS is a 1MB BIOS. Select either Banks 1234 or 5678 (4 256KB banks for a 1MB BIOS).

Does your Xbox have Hynix DDR2 RAM chips? (v1.6b)

For a 1.6b, you need to re-flash the backup BIOS with FlashBIOS 3.0.3 overwriting FlashBIOS 3.0.1.

Xbins ftp server - the usual place has the BIOS files and the x3_eeprom_erase.rar under /XBOX/Console Based Applications/bios/Xecuter/Xecuter3/_old/ folder.

Here's another thread on clearing the X3 BIOS password -- requires a second non-password protected X3 modchip though:

Or, try holding X+Y+A+B and booting the Xbox with the chip on. It should reset the X3 settings on reboot. Hold them until the Xbox does actually reboot though!
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