IPS patching support?


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Nov 13, 2018
I like installing custom themes on switch, since original ones are super bland. But support of NXthemes app in SX OS somewhat lagging behind lately. Currently no lockscreen themes can be applied at all, which is sad. Only Atmosphere can apply those correctly because of IPS patching feature of CFW. I would like to see in next SX OS update. Maybe native support for custom themes even.

  • Since 9.0 the home menu will require some code patches to work properly with themes, unfortunately not all CFWs support that, currently only lockscreen themes are affected, the installer will warn you when installing a theme that requires a patch you don't have
  • This also means that for each update of the home menu the affected parts will break for sure as the patch will have to be updated
  • Note that lockscreen themes on >9.0 are still supported only on atmosphere