is sx os 3.0.3 stable?


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Dec 4, 2006
Hi I have to ask how stable is sx os 3.0.3???? Is 3.0.3 bata better than the most stable Firmware 9.2.0 that is listed on their website? Also does sx os 3.0.3 have any issue ArgonNX and sx-autoloader?
Why does your home page say the latest stable is Firmware 9.2.0 but in the forms you are saying "
SX OS v2.5.3 Stable Announcement
So I am bit confused in which one is stable.
3.0.3, or 2.5.3 or 9.2.0 ??????


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Dec 28, 2019
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The latest version of sxos (beta 3.0.4) supports 10.x firmware, the latest stable version of sxos is 2.9.2 and that looks to support 9.0.1 or 9.2.0 firmware.

Firmware is the console firmware version, while the sxos version is simply that, what version. the beta is stable enough for most users to use, it just may require a reboot after a hiccup, what a stable release means is it should (in theory) never crash or malfunction on its own accord (not considering anything homebrew as stability gets thrown out the window, but you should be fine with the sx homebrew apps)

tl;dr if your console is on firmware 9.2.0 then take your pick between the stable version and the beta, if you are using a newer firmware then 9.2.0 then use the beta you will be fine.


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Mar 14, 2019
Hi! I had not used my NSwitch for a year now, is it ideal to update my SXOS to 3.0.4 beta, then update my emunand using ChoidujourNX v1.0.2 to the latest firmware which is 10.1.0? Thanks in advance and more power.