Is there still support for this?


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Feb 7, 2011
Middle Tennessee, U.S.
I have a strange issue using the ps2 controller. It used to work with the xfrag and now it doesn't.

Just to be sure, I plugged the controller into a playstation 2 to make sure it's working and it is.

So, i have a microsoft wired 360 controller plugged into the xfrag, then i plug in the ps2 controller, then i plug the xfrag into the 360. The 360 controller will work; it shows as player 1 on the xfrag led lights; the analog light will light up on the ps2 controller but it doesn't work.

Now when i plug it into a pc; 360 controller works, shows as player 1; xfrag shows as player 2 (?); the ps2 controller lights up, but doesn't control anything.

i can unplug the 360 controller, and it still shows up in Devices and Printers, but still doesn't control anything.

I can hold the black button on the xfrag and all 4 lights flash briefly but then it goes back to player 2.

Any help on this? Is there a way to reset the xfrag?