RGH Jasper 512mb won't boot to Xell

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Sep 27, 2013
Hey everyone, I'm new to this RGH stuff and I really need your help.
Yesterday I tried to RGH 2.0 my Xbox 360 console, Jasper 512mb, dash 16203. I dumped the nand twice, they matched (no bad blocks at all). Then I programmed my Coolrunner Rev. C with the "B" .xsvf timing file and wrote the .ECC pack, but this is what happens when I try to boot xell to get my cpukey:

1- The RF central led is static, but Coolrunner's green led flashes every 5 seconds
2- RF central led starts blinking, sometimes unconsistently (like it's alternating betwwen static and blinking)
3- That's all

Also, if I try turning it on, It won't boot (no red lights, though, just central led static). I did a stock installation, didn't remove anything from CR and used the standard blue cpu_rst wire.

Can't post pictures of my soldering now, because I'm at work, but any help would be deeply appreciated.

Thanks in advance, and sorry about any grammar mistake i could've made. I'm from Brazil, by the way.

Martin C

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Jan 10, 2004
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I really don't know what you expect anyone to do without pics and logs.

[h=3]TEMPLATE: RGH/JTAG help[/h]
It's right there in the sticky section of this area, meaning you should be reading and following these BEFORE asking for help.

Thread closed. Once you have all relevant information, we'll be able to assist.

One more thing: As I gather you've not read much on here, be aware we will not support users with fake/clone Coolrunners. Please bear that in mind when asking for help.
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