Jasper won't start dash if something is connected to USB (pendrive, controller)


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Apr 8, 2014
Console Type: Jasper
NAND size: 256
Dashboard version: 2.0.17502
CB version: 6723
I had RGH2 done to this console, but i changed it to R-Jtag for stability, and i'm really glad. It glitches 9 out of 10 times in less than 10s.

I used AUD CLAMP and dips 5, 7, 8 ON. As i told its smooth booting. The logo appears, and a few seconds later the dash starts.

Now i have 2 issues i need to work on.

1 - The problem is that if i have some USB device connected (it doesnt matter if it's a controller or a pendrive), the dash won't start (it freezes at the logo).
2 - The Xbox 360 lights stopped working after RJtag. Power button works, but i have no visual confirmation appart from the noise of the fans.

Are any of this problems related to Rjtag hardware/installation?

Thanks in advance.