Joycon RCM Mode Button (Without Drilling Joycon Case)

Jul 3, 2018
Newcastle, United Kingdom
Hey guys today i thought i would show you the latest mod i have done to my Switch, This is a button mod for entering RCM Mode but without drilling a hole in the Joycon case.
This mod is very fiddly and not something you should attempt if you don't have much soldering skills so just bare that in mind.

For anyone interested the tactile switch is:
Tactile Push Button Micro Switch 2Pin - 2mm X 3mm X 0.6mm (Tactile Switch 2*3*0.6)

What I Purchased:
Link: Tactile Push Button Micro Switch 2Pin - 2mm X 3mm X 0.6mm
Link: RI-03A Comus (Assemtech) Reed Switch (Used Before This Project)

Size of Tactile Switch (Yes It Really Is That Small xD)

Images of Installation (Tactile Switch Was Glued To Button To Keep It In Place)

At this point i just placed the small square piece of foam over the joycon solder points where it originally was and screwed everything back together but making sure the screw that holds the joycon rail down over the eject button wasn't screwed in all the way because when i did that at first it was holding the tactile switch down defeating the point of the switch so i just loosened it slightly and it now works perfectly and now to enter RCM Mode i only have to press down on the Joycon eject button then hold volume up and press power xD
For anyone looking for a easier solution i would suggest using a reed switch and have it taped to the plastic case on the inside with electrical tape and to enter RCM Mode you only need to hold a magnet to the back of the Joycon until you are in RCM Mode then take it away.

I really hope you find this useful and let me know what you think below, Thanks.
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