Jrunner not detecting a device


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Apr 26, 2020
Recently bought a J-R Programmer V2 and a Coolrunner to hook up to my Jasper Xbox 360.
Soldered on all the cables for the Programmer, (Working on getting pictures of Soldering)

Plugged my Programmer into my computer by USB,
Installed the Drivers for the Programmer, (Came up as Xecuter-JR-Programmer, Now is listed as USB Input Device after my PC rebooted)
Loaded Dash 17559 onto J-runner
Plugged the Programmer into the Xbox,
Plugged the power into the xbox (Did not power it on)
Ran J-Runner and just get errors.

(Also xbox still boots up fine without the Programmer plugged in so I have not damaged the Board fully yet...)

I get 2 different Errors when running this multiple times
Either Flash Config: 0x00000000 Can not Continue
or Version: 00 Wrong Version Can not continue

So from my understanding from all the other threads this is an issue with the soldering.
More than likely that is the case (as I feel I need to redo the black and brown cables) but I am also having an issue Updating the Firmware of my J-R Programmer.
Anytime I try to update it I get Device not Found.

From my understanding I need to have the switch set to bootmode (Which is closest to the reset button) and then run the update for it right? I even used the J-runner to put it in bootmode and still get Device not found.
When in bootmode I get a red light on the Programmer but if I sit there and reset it a cable times and put it back into C1 (Furthest away from the reset button) the light turns green again.
I am confused on if I even need to load the Firmware update to the Programmer.
J-Runner looks like it detects the programmer just fine when it has a green light.
Is there anyway to test if the Programmer is working the way it is suppose to?