LITEON 0225 jungle flasher mx 32 flash help


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Jul 17, 2013
Hey guys, new to the forums here, im having issues in the flashing step. First things first, ive dumped the keys, they match and everything i have all the cable s connected properly. I havent sautered anything on to my drive yet, is it necesarry and if it is ill attempt it. When i get to mk 32 flasher, i tick phat and click into/drive. I then power cycle to go into vendor mode, then thats my problem, for some reason i cannot get into vendor mode.

Ive tried almost everything on the forums and on most tuts online. Everything that doesnt have to do with satering. Atleast not yet.

If anyone has a solution to this or can atleast walk me through some steps please let me know. Im trying to flash a liteon 0225 slim drive thanks in advanced. If yoy have any qustiong please ask me. I know my thoughts are a little scrambled.


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Jun 25, 2013
Slim key first then try to go into to vendor mode.

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Jun 2, 2013
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Click Slim before you intro the Drive with it being a Slim Drive.

What Connectivity Tools & Power are you using?

Is the Drive/PCB unlocked?
And I highly doubt anyone here will "Walk you through the steps." There are a ton of tutorials online and on your computer is the best one already. The JungleFlasher PDF Located within the JungleFlasher Folder.